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Virus Research

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The Society also publishes the Newsletter, “Virus Research News” biannual.


Submit news article, which has some application prospect to any one of the editors. The article to be written in a popular format not exceeding 1000 words with a few simple table and or high quality figures. Article structure: Title, author(s), full address, email, telephone, self photo of corresponding author, running text.

Editorial Board


Dr. Bikash Mandal,


Dr. Rajeev Kaul, Medical Virology,

Dr. YPS Malik, Veterinary Virology,

Dr. V. Balamurugan, Veterinary Virology,

Dr. B.L. Patil, Plant Virology,

Dr. K.V. Rajendran, Fishery Virology,

Ex-officio members

Prof. Anupam Varma, President, IVS,

Dr. G.P. Rao, Secretary General, IVS,